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afspraakjes - Escort list in Belgium

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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 12 January 2017

The escort-list website is among the longest running escorts directory not just in The Netherlands, but also in the online adult services industry for continuously building up their all escorts list since 2003. When they first started, Sparkles, which is Dutch of Dating only wanted provide an online meeting place. Today, there’s plenty of more categories to choose from as well as other page section that grew out of their initial list of adult related stuff. Through the years, this belgium adult directory evolved from just a dating site to the No. 1 erotic dating site and directory in The Netherlands. They might have grown in size, but they still maintained that retro website design, only with more images and a bigger list.

  • Almost 15 years of providing an adult dating list
  • Known to be Amsterdam's NO.1 erotic dating list
  • Not just escort girls, but all things adult related in NL

Hates on afspraakjes

  • Not much difference from old and new website design
  • Still have those tiny sized texts that are hard to read
  • Still only viewable in Dutch
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