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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 11 October 2016

Promising to be the perfect date to have , Alla VIP (is that her real name? eh) is one of few international courtesans from Moscow, Russia that has a website in English. There’s a lot of bad things going on her site, fortunately her beautiful vibes and earnest appeal on all the images on her website compensates for the lack of taste.

Cheezy and a bit cheap if we may say so, Miss ALLA’s website is looking more like a smut mag rather than a high class courtesan’s personal website.

Although responsive and Mobile-friendly, the viewable feature doesn’t hide the fact that it is written in ESL English. Given she’s from Russia, but for an international courtesan, she should have at least hired a professional writer to correct her grammar. But outside of the technical fails that we saw (yes there’s a lot more), ALLA’s visually enticing photos made us want to view her pages again and again and again…

  • Impressive collection of photos
  • Fully responsive and Mobile-friendly
  • All text written by courtesan herself

Hates on Alla V.I.P.

  • Cheap taste when it comes to web design
  • Text on all pages have ESL English
  • Clicking on image brings you to actual image url
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