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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 04 November 2016 is one of the most well known and received escort agencies in Bangkok. I imagine that many readers of this site are already aware of this agency since its good reputation has spread far and wide through word of mouth and reviews. The best aspect of this agency is that it posts genuine and totally accurate photos on its website. If the woman who shows up is not the woman pictured they allow for a completely free cancellation. If that wasn’t enough they also have videos of the women they staff. It’s harder to lie on video than in pictures. They also provide detailed information on the women they have working so that clients aren’t stuck with nothing more than pictures to chose from. Bangkok Escort has a comment section on each staff member’s page where past clients can post which is a very good sign. The most unique aspect of this agency is undoubtedly its “One night in Bangkok VIP package” which includes an airport pick up, hotel room and 24 hours of fun with two totally bisexual escorts all for one price.

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