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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 11 October 2016

Established Men is relatively new to other age gap dating site as it just started in 2008 and purely focuses on helping wealthy men to successfully hook up with women who are searching for love and financial stability at the same time. The age gap dating site’s short experience (can you call 7 years short) is actually their biggest assets. The time frame from their inception up until today saw a rise in number of millionaires across the globe. This is also the timeframe when a lot of guys got rich through the internet.

More than an age gap dating portal, they also provide higher chances of matching wealthy guys with women their same age and from all across the globe.

Pricing wise, we have to point out that Established Men tags itself as the top tier when it comes to their dating niche. So expect their membership fees to be a bit higher than their competitors. With only two options, $79 for 1 month and $147 for 3 months membership, both a little more from what the other sites are asking. Payment options are also limited as they accept only PayPal and credit card. Fortunately there is a free to join option for both guys and babes. Oh, before we forget, their filter results are based on your customized terms!

  • Awesome Mobile-friendly features
  • Easy to use and smooth navigation features
  • Awesome voice calling feature

Hates on Established Men

  • Displayed profiles are older men members
  • Fees required to all male members
  • Are there women members?
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