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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 15 October 2016

The Belgium based Exclusive Companions is a small European escorts agency that says it caters to a VIP client list and provides international escorts services. By small, we mean really small as their escorts model roster only has a total of five ladies, with one of these ladies tagged as “new”. Browsing through the limited images on their gallery section, all five escort models are actually drop dead gorgeous.

Website wise, browsing this rather small Belgian run international escorts agency is a big of a drag and a complete bore. Reminisce of the websites from the early 2000’s, viewing and browsing each page and section is simply impossible to do on Mobile phones and even on tablets with larger screens. Their overall website design is outdated and the only saving grace about it are the few beautiful images of their escort models. Another positive thing to point out is that they do have a straight-to-the-point website with all important details. But they can do a lot better especially if they want to fight with the big “girls” in the industry.

  • Straight to the point website
  • Detailed FAQ section
  • Detailed online booking page

Hates on Exclusive Companions

  • Links too close together on Mobile view
  • Small number of models and images
  • Texts are too small to read on smaller screens
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