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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 29 December 2016

French is perhaps the sexiest spoken language especially when it is from the tongue of a seductive raven like Ms. Genevieve Marceau (pronounced Mar-sso). This courtesan proudly promises to deliver an authentic, reliable and ethical experience of the highest standard. Okay that doesn’t sound as sexy as how she delivered it on her website, which we must admit is one professionally and visually pleasurable to browse. Courtesan Ms. Marceau is in her early 30’s, with hazel-green eyes and stunning raven black hair. Coming from Quebec, Canada, it is not surprising to know that she’s fluent in French and English. Her body, based on her description and her images is boudoir all the way. Her spirit fiercely independent. She provides outcalls and only does so at hotel suites (no cheap motels please)!

  • Personalyl written and well detailed web content
  • Legit collection of selfie-shot sexy images
  • Mobile-friendly website design and layout

Hates on Genevieve Elite Courtesan

  • Accepts only cash payments
  • Booking reservation is through email only
  • Gallery section may load slowly on smaller screens
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