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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 31 October 2016

Ms. Jennifer Bouve is a cougar with very addictive attributes. Although not clearly stated on her website, this blonde cougar looks mighty fine in her late 30’s. Escort girls like her just proves that some women truly do age like classic vintage wine. Sweeter and sensual even in maturity. Visitors can appreciate and attest to that by viewing her sexy photos splashed all around her website. Too bad Ms. Jennifer doesn’t have an image gallery section. The flash effect isn’t working with those low quality photos. Website wise this traveling cougar from Philly has an outmoded flash designed site that isn’t Mobile-friendly and looks like an ancient 90’s era webpage. Mr. Bouve provides in call, outcall and travel escort services.

  • Service packages section not available
  • Low quality photos
  • Outmoded flash designed template

Hates on Jennifer Bouve

  • Brief and concise txt descriptions
  • Contact her directly via phone or email form
  • Links to testimonials and reviews
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