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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 04 January 2017

Calling herself the Light Bringer through her somewhat outmoded website, Ms. Kay Lauren says she has what it requires to make future clients believe that she’s special from the millions of luxury independent companions in the world today. Guaranteeing to give all payments back if you don’t like her companionship, full discretion and animosity while providing her service, her own custom “word massage”, unrestricted hours and more, this courtesan may just be a worthwhile to check-out. Her rates start at $650 for a minimum of 2 hours and charges $325 per additional hours. Costly perhaps, but her guarantees (see her Why This Companion section to view all guarantees when booking her) makes it all worthwhile if it is real.

  • Full payment guarantee if you don't like her service
  • Unrestricted booking availability
  • Fairly good Mobile loading speed

Hates on Light Bringer World

  • Set of rates and services offered need more details
  • Outmoded website design and effects
  • Too good to be true guarantees
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