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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 11 October 2016

The sugar daddies of Canada, wealthy men looking for desirable young women a.k.a sugar babies, can now join the global bandwagon by checking out Sugar-Daddy.Ca. Like most sugar daddy dating sites, the main allure of this Canadian-based site is the chance to have a mutually beneficial relationship that bridges not just the age gap but also the financial gap as well. The main difference of Sugar Daddy Canada from the others is they offer their standard membership for free but with limited access. Full access is available through their Gold Membership. The neat thing about their Gold Members subscription is the unique 3 days unlimited trial for just $1.32/day. This is a perfect way to test out if what they offer is for you or not. Website wise, the user-friendly design and well planned site features including private messages reminders, easy profile creation, advanced search filters, text chat integration, X-rated photo galleries truly compliments each other.

  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive
  • 3 day unlimited access trial for $1.32/day
  • X-rated photo galleries of sugar babies

Hates on Sugar Daddy Canada

  • Website doesn't reveal much for non-members
  • Visitors does not get a sneak peak preview
  • Limited reach for its specified target market
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