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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 11 October 2016

The Israel based sugary daddy dating site caters to Israeli sugar daddies across the globe. As their website’s name suggest, Sugar Daddy Israel specifically targets the Hebrew speaking sugar daddies and sugar babies! Based in and focuses on the Israeli sugar daddy dating scene. Their simple and light website is responsive as it is easy on the eyes. The pink with black on white background color design perfectly compliments the easy to navigate interface and layout. There’s only one problem. Sugar Daddy Israel has a website that can be viewed only in Hebrew. Perhaps they are just focused on their specified target market. But if you compare their website with other sites, Sugar Daddy Israel has a high caliber website that put high-end international dating sites to shame!

  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive
  • Clean and light website design and layout
  • Search by members gallery or with images only

Hates on Sugar Daddy Israel

  • Can be viewed only in one language
  • Website doesn't load in some areas of the world
  • Loads better on mobile than on desktop
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