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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 31 October 2016

From , Ms. Azita Azodi calls herself as The Desert Courtesan. Her home base is , and calls the city of London as her second home. An exotic beauty of mix European and Middle Eastern heritage, the green-eyed Ms. Azita Azodi stands is in her early 20’s and stands only at 5’3″. She’s living proof of the saying that big things come in little packages as this high-class “desert courtesan” got big guns backing her up… that is having a Bachelor in Arts degree, an M.A. and MSc. Beauty and brains pocked into a gorgeous petite body. This Dubai-based courtesan aptly named her personal website at, offering her skills in cities across the Middle East. She also calls UK as her second home, with London as her second home base. She also provides international travel companionship and Tantric or Sensual Massages.

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  • Need to convert UAE currency rates
  • Light text color hard to read
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