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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 02 November 2016

Classy, chic, modern and sexy, Top-CallGirl has a website that rocks. Known to be a reliable provider of classy escorts, this agency brags on excelling in discretion and respect for each of their clients’ privacy. That declaration appears to be true as they also give full discretion when it comes to their escort models, with each model having very “discreet” photos displayed on their profile pages. Covering not just one but three cities in Portugal, this escorts agency has 19 Lisbon escorts, 11 Algarve escorts and 8 Porto escorts listed. Each model has her own profile section with details such as quick bio, general description and images (sadly a limited number per escort girl and all are “discreetly blurred”). There’s a lot of good things to say about their website, but there’s also a lot of flaws as well. There’s no mention of payment options, and some links doesn’t work too. To see more, see our likes and hates list below.

  • Mobile-view optimized with high quality images
  • Big number of escort models listed
  • Covers three major cities in Portugal

Hates on Top Callgirl Portugal

  • Sections have advertisement banners
  • Layout on some section needs to be organized
  • Limited number of images on escorts profile
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