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SA Punters - Escort Forum in South Africa

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Post by: MariaMagdalena Edited by PopperPimp on 25 December 2016

South Africa’s underground escort-forum community The Real SA Punters Forum promises to be the best online resource when it comes to the South African sex trade industry and proudly filled with useful information from punters for the benefit of other punters. Similar to other non-profit forums like Punterlink in the United Kingdom, the %country$ escort forum is described by most of its users a social driven adult forum. It is basically a local South African escorts forum site with all information posted by the community. Divided in area specific sections, with South Africa’s major regions having its own forums, this Mobile-friendly adult oriented forum site is perhaps the best source of local information regarding anything related to escorts services.

  • South Africa's best source of authentic escorts info
  • Simple web design that is Mobile-friendly
  • Specific forums for all major South African regions

Hates on SA Punters

  • A lot of advertisement banners on every page
  • A lot of links to third party websites
  • More views than actual posts by members
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